EcoBurrito is a community-conservation restaurant located in Bigodi Village, Kamwenge District, Uganda.

We are committed to making delicious burritos with local ingredients. If you are Ugandan and never tasted (or heard of) a burrito, or if you are traveling in western Uganda and craving some food from home, EcoBurrito is the place to visit. We take familiar Ugandan foods--rice, beans, avocados, and chapatis--and make them into something "new" (and familiar to many tourists): burritos!

In addition to our focus on making the best burrito this side of the Sahara, we are committed to the community and the environment. EcoBurrito (1) buys ingredients from local farmers, (2) hires local staff and provides in-service training for people in the community, and (3) works with local schools and the Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED).

We also work to spread awareness about conservation. We are located right next to KAFRED's community run wetland sanctuary and we sit at the edge of Kibale National Park. Despite being protected areas, illegal poaching of forest animals is still a problem. We say: "Eat burritos, not bushmeat!" 

Our vision is to give all profits to wildlife and ecosystem conservation projects in and around Kibale National Park. Learn more about our story and meet the EcoBurrito Team.

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We are only an hour drive outside Fort Portal, Uganda. Our restaurant is located next to the Bigodi Wetland Walk (run by Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development) and is close to Kanyanchu chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park. Make EcoBurrito part of your safari, backpacking adventure, or business trip in western Uganda. 

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Contact: 0780142926